Elvis Pet Chimp Scatter: What Happened? How Did He Die?

Elvis Pet Chimp Scatter: What Happened? How Did He Die? ...

'Agent Elvis' is a adult animated comedy series directed by Priscilla Presley and John Eddie. It consists of the voices of Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley. On his missions, Elvis is accompanied by his entourage, including a pet chimpanzee named Scatter.

Was Elvis a Pet Chimp?

Scatter is a former NASA test subject who was trained to be the first chimpanzee to enter outer space. However, Tom Kenny's role in 'Agent Elvis' is different because he has no speaking lines and mostly emotes Scatter's thoughts through hooting.

Scatter was purchased by Elvis while still a young chimpanzee and accompanied Elvis to film shows and concerts. He was also known to wear suits.

What Was the Cause of Scatter's Death?

Scatter's erratic behavior became more common as he joined Elvis' inner circle. However, Scatter was never a complete stranger in every sense of the word.

Scatter passed away from unknown causes shortly after his banishment. However, some experts believe Scatter died of Cirrhosis of the liver. Regardless, Scatter was allegedly poisoned by one (or more) of his caretakers due to his erratic behavior. Scatter was probably poisoned due to his unruly behavior. He is buried at the Graceland Mansion Estates in Memphis. In contrast, 'Agent Elvis' season 1 finale brings Scatter's journey full circle

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