Agent Elvis's Six Best Conspiracy Theories, Ranked

Agent Elvis's Six Best Conspiracy Theories, Ranked ...

'Agent Elivs' is a Netflix adult animated comedy series that follows the titular singer as he undertakes a new quest and lives a double life as a secret agent for TCB, a shadowy spy agency. It is written by Priscilla Presley and John Eddie and features the voice of Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley. This opens the way for several conspiracy theories that portray Elvis and his contributions to America in a different light!

Scandal of the Commander

Elvis, Cece, Bobby Ray, and Scatter travel to Washington on a secret mission to retrieve a confidential report that could expose the TCB's existence to unsuspecting President Nixon. The episode's twist conclusion suggests that the Commander is to blame for Nixon's Watergate plot to conceal his affair.

Other TCB Agents

Elvis enters the Sub-Level 7 after being introduced as a secret agent for TCB. Among the other famous personalities is actress Marilyn Monroe, literary genius Mark Twain, and baseball player Jackie Robinson. The revelation does not only reveal the TCB's ongoing involvement in altering history.

Moon Landing was a fake.

The Commander plots to hire Elvis as his new agent in the third episode, which is titled 'Cocaine Tuesdays.' However, Elvis struggles with a sense of purpose after seeing the Apollo 11 crew approach the surface of the moon, which itself is a popular conspiracy theory in real life.

The Nixon Summit

Elvis and President Nixon meet as a distraction in order to recover classified papers that might expose the TCB. However, during their meeting, Elvis gives President Nixon a Colt pistol as a token of his appreciation. Nixon gives Elvis a badge of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, establishing him as an honorary agent.

Experiments in Rock n Roll

Elvis undergoes flashbacks that suggest his time in the army. Later, Elvis discovers that his flashbacks stem from "Project Tupelo." Moreover, the Commander attempted to infiltrate the world through Elvis' "Rock n Roll" as a dangerous weapon. Moreover, it sheds new light on Elivs' service in the army.

Elvis Was a Clone?Was Elvis a Clone?

The Season Finale of 'Godspeed, Drunk Money' concludes Elvis' journey with a call to Howard Hughes to continue cloning research on Elvis. Despite the singer's passing in 1977, the Commander implores Elvis to save millions from dying while he saves himself.

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