What Was Netflixs in His Shadow?

What Was Netflixs in His Shadow? ...

'In His Shadow' (originally titled 'Le Roi des Ombres') is a French crime thriller film based on the original idea of French rapper Kaaris. The film follows two half-brothers, Ibrahim and Adama, who both lost vision while growing up. However, Adama's hearing has improved tremendously since.

What elevates the narrative's quality further is the relatively subdued undertone against the backdrop of an outer Paris suburb, where the majority of the action takes place. Moreover, the harsh and tough life of the outer Parisian suburbs is depicted quite vividly through the half-brothers' melee!

Filming Locations in his shadow

'In His Shadow' was shot entirely in France, especially in and around Paris. The film's principal photography for the thriller drama reportedly began in May 2022, and ended after a month or so in June of the same year! Let us take you to the specific locations where the Netflix film was shot!

Paris, France

Almost all of the pivotal scenes for 'In His Shadow' were shot around Paris, France's capital. The filmmaker and his crew traveled from the city's outer suburbs to shoot most of the Kaaris starrer's exterior and interior scenes.

The production of 'In His Shadow' utilized a number of film studios, including Les Studios de Paris, Cité du Cinéma, and ABEL14 Studio.

As we move further away from the city center, violent crimes increase. Thus, the cast and crew strategically shot most of the film in the suburbs to add authenticity to the narrative.

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