What Happened to Swarm?

What Happened to Swarm? ...

'Swarm' is a horror thriller series starring a young woman named Dre who is obsessed with Nijah, a fictional pop star who is collectively known as 'The Swarm,' and protects her at every opportunity she gets. Dre's obsession takes a dark turn when she starts murdering people in defense of her favorite pop star.

Chloe Bailey, Damson Idris, Paris Jackson, and Rory Culkin star in the hit TV program "The Swarms." Nevertheless, the constant visuals of the bees serve as a metaphor for Dre's experiences as a part of "The Swarms."

Locations for Swarm Filming

'Swarm' is shot in Georgia, specifically in and around Atlanta, although the first season of the thriller series began in April 2022, and was expected to finish in June of that year. This is because the filming team of the Chloe Bailey starrer sets up camp in the Peach State, which is also used for the Amazon Prime series.

Atlanta, Georgia

The production team of 'Swarm' takes a look at the city of Atlanta and transforms them accordingly to create a Houston-style setting. From what we know, the cast and crew set up camp at various streets and locations across the city of Georgia to record both interior and exterior scenes. For a few crucial scenes, the cast and crew might even make the most of one of the numerous film studios in and around the city.

From the start of the mid-20th century, Atlanta has also been involved with a lot of crimes, including a common theme in 'Swarm.' The film and television programs in Atlanta have included 'Scream 2,' 'Contagion,' 'The Mule,' and 'Ozark.'

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