Sturmhond AKA Nikolai Lantsov Explained in Shadow and Bone Season 2

Sturmhond AKA Nikolai Lantsov Explained in Shadow and Bone Season 2 ...

Sturmhond is introduced in its initial moments in Shadow and Bone Season 2. Later, the charming man becomes Nikolai Lantsov, the prince of Ravka. Now, every fan of the dark fantasy series is eager to know more about the fictional character and the actor who played him.

Leigh Bardugo's trilogy's first book, Six of Crows, was adapted into the second season of the television series, which now includes the second book, Seige and Storm, as well as some of the series' last book, Ruin and Rising.

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In Shadow and Bone, who is Sturmhond, also known as Nikolai Lantsov?

We meet a privateer who calls himself Sturmhond in the current season of Shadow and Bone. He is said to have a fleet of ships with a few crew members, including the twins Talya and Tomar. However, later we learned that he is Nikolai Lantsov, the Prince of Ravka.

Queen Tatiana and Alexander III's second son. However, rumors claim that he was the illegitimate son of a sea trader and the queen. He worked in many different roles as a result of his desire to see a larger world.

Nikolai, although not a Grisha, provided a large part to Alina's struggle against the Darkling. He also kept a marriage proposal in front of Alina because he believed that their marriage would benefit both of them. However, Alina rejected the proposal.

Nikolai is a skilled fighter who has the ability to manipulate many weapons since he was a kid. For instance, he redesigned a clock into a gadget.

In Season 2, who played Nikolai?

Patrick Gibson, an Irish actor, will play Nikolai in Season 2 of Shadow and Bone. In 2022, the 27-year-old London actor joined the cast as Nikolai.

Patrick began his acting career in 2009 with the television program The Tudors, in which he played Aske's son in three episodes. His most recent roles include roles as Nikolai Lantsov in Shadow and Bone S2, as a carpenter, and in the film The Portable Door.

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