Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch Liaison Season 1 Episode 5

Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch Liaison Season 1 Episode 5 ...

Liaison, the fifth episode of Apple TV+ series, is discussed, including the release date and where to find it online.

Alison (Eva Green) suspects Antropa of killing Mark Bolton (Patrick Kennedy) and works alongside Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) to track down Syrian hacker Samir (Aziz Dyab) who threatens more terrorist attacks in London. Meanwhile, Richard (Peter Mullan) is forced to sign a deal with the corrupt Antropa.

  • Alison tells the police about Mark’s suspicious death. Sabine is updated on the death, and Gabriel hacks into her laptop.
  • Sabine talks with Didier about the death. Didier implies that the death forced the Brits out of their current cyber-security deal and into a new one with Antropa. Mark is accused of taking bribes and will be investigated by the Anti-Fraud Office, destroying the Brits’ current deal.
  • Sabine informs Alison of this conspiracy. Alison, in return, warns Sabine to stay away from Gabriel.
  • Samir contacts Myriam and tells her his location. Myriam, Gabriel, and Alison plan to collect Samir from Dunkirk.
  • Didier is handed a file on Alison and an incriminating VHS tape. He passes this on to Bob Foret. Bob wants to kill Alison, but Alison’s father (Jack Rowdy) is influential, and Didier advises against it.
  • An airplane nearly crashes into London’s skyscrapers, but the terrorists only use this attack as a threat; they don’t want to destroy the capital or kill anyone this time around. Richard launches an inquiry into the latest terrorist attack.
  • Richard is forced to sign a new cyber-security deal with Antropa.
  • Alison is questioned by Hobbs, who suspects Alison of being involved in Walid’s death.
  • Alison and Gabriel pick up Samir and his friend Krimo. They go to her father’s property. Krimo pretends to be Samir as a decoy. Samir and Myriam get on a boat to safety instead.
  • Jack is sent the VHS tape, which shows footage of Gabriel and Alison rioting. Jack is blackmailed but refuses to accept their terms. He loads his gun and shouts at them by his gates, ordering them to leave.
  • Gabriel tries to convince Jack to back down, but he won’t. They get into a scuffle, and Gabriel accidentally shoots Jack.
  • Gabriel drags Alison into a safe room with Krimo. He passes her the USB key and locks the door.

Release Date and Time for Liaison Season 1 Episode 5

On Apple TV+, Episode 5 will be available on Friday, March 24th, 2023. The release date is midnight PT. Episode 5 is titled "Family Album" and will last 50 minutes.

Where can I find TV shows on the internet?

On the date mentioned above, viewers around the world may watch Liaison Season 1 Episode 5 on Apple TV+.


  • Gabriel will take on Bob’s army, and a shootout will follow. He will be outnumbered and flee before he can save Alison or Krimo.
  • Alison and Krimo will wait in the safe room until the army leaves. The crooks may find important information in the raid or try to burn the place down, looking for Alison.
  • Now that Richard has signed the deal with Antropa, the terrorist attacks will stop.
  • Gabriel will return to Jack’s home when it is safe. He will collect Alison and Krimo. They will head to Samir’s new location.
  • Samir will unlock the USB key and reveal the important information on the final terrorist attack.
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