Recap of Season 1 Episode 9 of Dear Edward How does Edward get the letters?

Recap of Season 1 Episode 9 of Dear Edward How does Edward get the letters? ...

Dear Edward, an apple TV+ series, is recapped in this episode 9, "Paper Covers Rock," which contains spoilers.

Edward's (Colin O'Brien) whole life was forever changed when he survived an unintentional airplane accident. Since then, he has tried to rebuild his own life and was beginning to make substantial improvements, including returning to public school. However, Mahira (Jenna Qureshi) and Shay retaliated by destroying one of the only things he still loves, a piano.

Recap of Season 1 Episode 9 of Dear Edward

Dr. Garrity asks Edward about the attack at school. He can't think of a plausible reason why he pushed the piano down a flight of stairs due to the noise it would make. They are going to try to find him the ideal learning environment, but it isn't here.

Lacey visits her house and discovers Linda moaning in the spare room. Edward remembers key moments from the plane disaster, and this painful event triggers deep flashbacks for Lacey.

John drives Edward to his job, attempting to enclose themselves with Edward while there, often slamming light bulbs as he sprang out of it. He recalls his parents' divorce when he was a kid, and that he loved the sounds they provided.

Edward accepts his responsibility and replies positively. Jordan should have died on the flight, and Edward should have sat with Jordan at the last minute. They played rock paper scissors, and Edward won, so they swapped. John doesn't know how to respond.

Sienna confronts Sam on the texts and photos he has given Vernon. Sam refuses to respond to Sienna, but she agrees to the truth. They kissed and flirted, but they never got serious. Sienna refuses to believe, but Sam orders Sam to make a final decision.

Adriana is continuing to campaign, with the election just a day away. She can't help but smile at Kojo's departure. She walks to the airport and says a proper goodbye. Nothing has changed, nor has either person offered to move for the other.

Dee Dee realizes that this is their last grief group session and asks Milo if they can host a celebration. Milo agrees, describing how cruel the airline is for dropping the group so soon. Dee Dee knows how important the group is to her and the others; she will be lost once more if she doesn't bring the food.

Dee Dee meets with her daughter Zoe, totally surprising the student at her accommodation. Dee Dee admits that she and Zoe's father failed their daughter. She tells Zoe about the affair and her father's finding love in Los Angeles. Dee Dee is adamant that she can still change.

Season 1 Episode 9 of Dear Edward: What Happened?

Edward is left on his lonesome at John's business. Linda gives birth while Lacey is at the hospital, but the news is harsh. Linda is overjoyed for Linda, although seeing other people having babies hurts when Lacey cannot.

Edward begins to wander around the place and quickly discovers a box of all his letters. The letters include people who are grieving their own deaths as well as conspiracy theories.

There are religious fanatics, hopeful children, and angry adults, as well as those who applaud Edward's luck and purpose. Poor Edward, who is crying, is going to have a total overload, and who knows what the outcome will have on the miracle boy?

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