Season 3 Episode 9 of Truth Be Told Recap Who spied on Finney?

Season 3 Episode 9 of Truth Be Told Recap Who spied on Finney? ...

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 9, "Only Little Secrets," is reimagined by Apple TV+. It contains spoilers.

Andrew Finney, the mayoral candidate for the Vermont State House, was brutally murdered in Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8, after his body was repeatedly run over by an unknown thief. In "Only Little Secrets," the police and Poppy's gang separately seek for Finney's killer, which brings forth many new possibilities.

Recap of Season 3 Episode 9 of Truth Be Told

Principal Eva Pierre has been identified as the main suspect in the episode. Eva remembers Finney's death while Poppy details his identity. Finney is interested in finding out who is actually in charge of the trafficking operation.

Poppy meets with Markus and Aames, two of her most trusted friends. Eva believes the murderer is Bill Ochoa, though. Markus suspects Eva and Aames. They have found CCTV footage of Eva meeting Finney only minutes before his death. Aames advises Poppy to keep away from Eva while the investigation continues.

Aames returns to work, where his boss Fostokowski wants Finney's killer caught immediately, as the District Attorney is breathing down his neck. The cops have Bill's footage and the video that he and Aames obtained weeks ago. The car that killed Finney relays back to a car dealer called Nico Zebka. Aames asks Bill first, but the crook rejects all charges.

Nico explains how he leases his cars for special occasions. These messages are encrypted and only go one way. He wants Bill Ochoa to be punished once and for all. He wants Trini to cooperate. Their daughter is asked to testify.

Poppy tries snooping around Eva's office again, but she's caught this time. Eva knew Poppy was on her and confronted the podcaster. Eva admits to killing Finney, although she wishes she had killed him.

Poppy decides to question the app's founder, Lee Hackman, at the spot where the vehicle was last seen. The witness saw a young black girl driving the car. Aames and Markus show the man photos of Eva, Trini, and Melanie, but he doesn't think the driver was any of them.

Poppy discovers that the Principal has reacted to her and she is fighting dirty. She has written to Boisterous, the podcaster's owner. Ezra, Poppy's boss.

Poppy may lose her house, everything, as a result of this nasty incident. Eva calls Poppy to relay this information to her competitor. Poppy tells Poppy the truth.

Finney was murdered by Rochelle Johnson, and Fostokowski wants her discovered and apprehended as soon as possible.

Poppy gets the news about this crucial piece of information and sends it to Eva immediately. The Principal apologizes for ruined Poppy's career. She claims to have discovered Nadia, the girl in the video that was used to frame Finney.

The Season 3 Episode 9 of Truth Be Told has been explained.

Trini returns to school for the first time since her ordeal. Eva assists Trini during this difficult time when she can't confide in her parents. Markus tells Trini about his drinking habits.

Eva and Poppy meet Nadia, the trafficking victim who aided in the execution of Finney. Nadia apologizes to Eva for paying her to produce the blackmailing video of Finney. She claims that Lee Hackman paid her in revenge.

Poppy re-cords another episode of her podcast as she closes out. She reveals that Rochelle Johnson was Finney's killer and that Alexander was the real mastermind behind the trafficking plot. The following day, the group gathers for Trini, who is testifying against Bill Ochoa. A hooded man assaults and hits Eva.

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