What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary?

What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary? ...

Each Sanctuary in Bayonetta Origins is a safe haven for Cereza and Cheshire. It's also a place to save and regroup. But what can you do at each one during the main storyline?

When you're at a Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary, save. The lantern at each one serves as the save point. Make sure you check in there while you're at one of these hubs.

While disrupting shrubs and exploring Avalon Forest, you may also craft. A Healing Tonic restores Cereza's health. An Umbran Syrup temporarily restores her immunity and allows her to recast Umbran Arts more quickly. A Blast Cocktail temporarily stuns nearby enemies.

The same lantern menu allows you to retry and challenge Tir na Nog spaces you already completed. These include Avalon Drops for Cheshire's skills or Onyx Roses for Cereza's.

At every Bayonetta Origin Sanctuary, you may spend Avalon Drops and Onyx Roses on new abilities for each character. If you haven't added to their movesets in a while and are nearing a boss fight, you may want to backtrack a bit.

In chapter 5, you'll unlock a fast travel system at each Sanctuary in Bayonetta Origins. Ignis' Pathways will be available as an option. Returning to any of the safe spaces you've already unlocked will be possible.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is now available on Nintendo Switch. A demo is available.

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