Sony claims that Xbox Game Pass is superior to PlayStation Plus

Sony claims that Xbox Game Pass is superior to PlayStation Plus ...

Sony admitted before the English antitrust regulator that: "TheXbox Game Pass is significantly ahead of PlayStation Plus." This statement is one of the reasons why the Japanese multinational wants to prevent Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Sony has made a few adjustments, but in principle its own subscription service lag behind that of the Redmond company, which invested much more in it and began treating it well ahead of the competition.

Sony believes that even if it accepts a commitment to keep Call of Duty on PS5 and PS4 for the next ten years, Microsoft would still have many avenues to entice gamers to Xbox.

One possibility might be to make the Call of Duty series an exclusive feature of the Xbox Game Pass. This would make the Xbox Game Pass experience vastly superior for many players to the PlayStation Plus version.

According to Sony, Microsoft might manipulate its license prices to undermine PlayStation or PlayStation Plus, by offering Call of Duty to PlayStation Plus for a commercially unviable price, effectively making it exclusive. In other words, Microsoft might forego paying the subscription until players no longer want to pay for it.

The final outcome of this story is still unknown. Sony and Microsoft have already made several arrangements, while the Redmond company continues to work on various services that will bring us the Call of Duty series.

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