You can buy these Android phones with the finest controls

You can buy these Android phones with the finest controls ...

The best phones to play are those that have, above all, a top-level processor that can run all of the games that have been and will be in the future. However, they do still have touch controls in games, and in some games that aren't ideal, there are a number of mobile controls that help a lot.

The majority of mobile gamers aren't using them for Android or iOS. Some of them are also compatible with Nintendo Switch or PC.

There are even phones that can be transformed into a Switch-like console, something that is particularly useful now that Xbox is finally launching on iOS and Android with xCloud, although there are other more "classic" ones.

They are usually brands such as GameSir or 8Bitdo, but there are other brands that are better known, such as Razer, which is one of the best Android mobile controllers at the moment.

Some items that are both of high quality and inexpensive have been collected by us.

Razer Kishi GameSir X3 8Bitdo Pro 2 GameSir T4 Pro PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus 8Bitdo SF30 Pro

Razer Kishi is a professional wrestling player.

Android version of Razer Kishi

The Razer Kishi, an award-winning Razer mobile controller, was already discussed. A wireless controller that you can get on Amazon for a price that hasn't stopped falling.

The Razer Kishi eliminates data relay lag, allowing the game to respond to button motion in the palm of your hand.

Its functionality allows your Android phone to be used as a portable console and can be adapted to a wide range of terminals. This allows the controller to incorporate a simultaneous charging mechanism, allowing your phone to charge while you play without interrupting any gameplay.

It's a light, manageable, and works with cloud games. A whole gamer experience in your own pocket. What more could you ask for?

GameSir X3 is a game that consists of three players.

GameSir X3 is a game that is free to download.

One of the most powerful and latest Android controls is the Razer Kishi's most direct competitor. The mobile is also powered by a fan, which in addition to being very similar to the Kishi.

For the time being, it will likely be more than 100 euros, but for the time being, it is above the rest in terms of price.

It's a powerful mobile controller thanks to its battery life, strength, and customization options.

GameSir X2 is a game that allows you to play games in real time.

GameSir X2 is a game that is no longer out there.

The GameSir X2 is a portable console that lets you go from having a phone to a Nintendo Switch-like console. The good thing about GameSir X2 is that it is adjustable, so you can use it on a number of android phones with a Type-C port up to 167mm.

And if you wonder how long your battery will last, we'll tell you: it doesn't have a battery. Use your phone's battery, only sucking 2 mAh per hour, so you don't have to worry about it sucking too much!

It's a fairly inexpensive item if you choose AliExpress, which sometimes ships it from Spain.

8Bitdo Pro 2 is a sequel to 8Bitdo.

8Bitdo Pro 2 is a sequel to 8Bitdo.

If you like retro and miss the NES, this is your controller. However, it is a new controller that is compatible with Switch and mobile devices and has a fairly ergonomic grip.

It's one of 8Bitdo's most recent releases, has a low price of less than €50, and is widely available on Amazon and other stores.

This controller is compatible with both Raspberry Pi and PCs in general, as with all of the other controls of this brand.

The GameSir T4 Pro is a gamer's delight.

The GameSir T4 Pro is a game that requires no special equipment.

The GameSir T4 Pro is a stylish multi-platform controller that has been MFi certified. It is particularly distinguished due to its compatibility, as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and can be connected to Nintendo Switch, Mac, Android tablets, and phones. You may also connect it to your PC via cable.

With this beautiful and practical translucent controller, playing with your Android phone becomes a luxury. Besides, the 600 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of up to eight hours, and includes a gyroscope and vibration motors, as well as four additional programmeable buttons to create macros.

It is one of the most versatile games on the market, and it's very, very strong, with good quality both in the chassis and in the buttons, and it also follows the same logic as other GameSir: it's for sale in Spain through Amazon, but you'll save more if you buy it on AliExpress.

PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus

The PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus is now available.

The PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus is a peripheral similar to an Xbox controller that allows you to play Xbox games on your Android phone via Microsoft's XCloud service.

It has an adjustable arm for storing your mobile phone. It works with Bluetooth, although you may also connect it with a cable and use it as an external battery for your mobile. It stands out for its 3,000 mAh, so you can play for dozens of hours without charging it.

The 8Bitdo SF30 Pro is a reliable and reliable tool.

The 8Bitdo SF30 Pro is a great choice for those who prefer a quiet day.

The 8Bitdo SF30 Pro is a retro controller from the 8Bitdo brand, which is famous for its cutting-edge technology and its compatibility with Android, Raspberry Pi, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

For a price of this high, the quality of the materials is outstanding. You may charge it via USB Type C and with a normal game mode, enjoy several days of use. Excellent for playing retro emulators on your mobile phone.

It has been removed from Amazon for the time being, but it is still available on AliExpress for the time being, and it is still very competitive.

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