NordVPN is now available for purchase! Up to -63 percent off this tool that keeps track of our personal information

NordVPN is now available for purchase! Up to -63 percent off this tool that keeps track of our perso ...

NordVPN is now available for purchase, with a discount of up to 63 percent on this software that monitors our personal data.

Published on 03/17/2023 at 06:45

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It's naive to assume that all internet users are completely safe. Of course, there's no danger of being physically attacked between two Google searches, but phishing, phishing, and data theft are commonplace. NordVPN is here to help, and on the occasion of its anniversary its flagship subscription is 63% off!

Right now, NordVPPN's Ultimate 2-year subscription is 63% off.

If VPNs are becoming more popular, it's not for nothing: this service offers many advantages when you surf the net, starting with a secure connection... and many other features that you won't notice at first glance. Just like, NordVPN is very attractive and attractive:

NordVPN reduced the price of subscriptions to the minimum for a short period:

NordVPN 2 years Essential: 3.49€/month (-57%)NordVPN 2 years Advanced: 4.49€/month (-57%)NordVPN 2 years Ultimate: 5.99€/month (-63%)NordVPN 2 years Ultimate: 5.49€/month

...and more.

In addition, 1% of people who have subscribed to one of these subscriptions will receive a one-year free subscription, as well as 99% of people who have already received three months of free of charge.

NordVPN is an excellent solution to limiting malicious websites' attacks.

NordVPN is often the headliner when it comes to VPN (Virtual Private Network). Why is this so? Because it allows you to keep your internet activities safe while not disrupting your everyday computer operation.

NordVPN is able to protect up to six devices simultaneously, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

When you play video games, you will not notice your internet speed be harmed!

With more than 5500 servers scattered throughout the world, we can expect the connection speed to decrease. However, Nord VPN guarantees a minimum speed of 6730 Mbit/s but above all a stable connection that will vary somewhat.

In the event of dissatisfaction, it is possible to get a refund for the Nord VPN subscription within 30 days from the date of registration, and that is always reassuring.

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