Anno 1800: Construct an Empire is now available on Xbox Collection X|S

Anno 1800: Construct an Empire is now available on Xbox Collection X|S ...

Anno 1800 Console Version is now available on Xbox Collection X|S, and you may play the award-winning city-building technique recreation free of charge from now until March 23. You may also access Anno 1800 Console Version in your Xbox Collection X|S via the Xbox Free Play Days occasion from now until March 24.

Anno 1800 helps you construct large cities, establish logistical networks, conduct constitution expeditions around the globe, and be able to defend your cities, commercially, or militarily in any situation. Find your problem mates in on-line multiplayer; or customize your opponents.

The Anno 1800 Console Edition is available in both the Customary and Deluxe versions; the Deluxe version includes the bottom recreation and all of the free recreation updates for the PC model; the Amusements Pack includes a wide selection of decorative plants and shrubs; and the Vibrant Cities Pack includes a wide assortment of Outdated World metropolis structures.

On Xbox Collection X|S, enjoy the benefits of the Free Week in Anno 1800 now through March 23rd, and prepare to construct a brand new world and inform your cities of prosperity!

Deluxe Edition of the Anno 1800TM console

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NEW FEATURES FOR A NEW ERA: Take part in an exciting city-building scenario, such as expeditions across the globe, or a multiplayer expertise.

Customary Anno 1800TM Console Version

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A RICH EARLY ADOPTER OFFER: Includes a digital artbook and a digital recreation soundtrack*, as well as a digital recreation pack for multiplayer games. Discover new worlds as you build huge cities, establish prosperous economic systems, and defend your creations from others in this unique city-building recreation.

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