Recap and Conclusion of Season 1 of Swarm

Recap and Conclusion of Season 1 of Swarm ...

Swarm, the Prime Video series Swarm Season 1 Episode 7, 'Only God Makes Happy Endings,' which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

After a wild Swarm season, we have reached the season finale. Will Detective Greene (Heather Simms) ever meet Dre (Dominique Fishback) and get her to confess to the murders? Will Dre be imprisoned? Or will Dre just walk away, like she has done all season?

Recap of Season 1 of Swarm Episode 7

Dre walks up to a pub, watches a few people depart, and requests an Uber. At first, the girl says no, but after a while she realizes that there are no other options and asks how much. She names herself as Rashida, and she is from ATL.

Rashida accidentally puts on Ni'Jah, but Dre tells her she's her favorite girl. When Dre returns to her car, she notices that the cops are ransacking her van. They return to Rashida's, where they begin to make out.

Rashida tells Dre that she loves her at the store. She tries to buy her flowers, but all her cards are rejected. Next, we meet Dre and Rashida at their family's house, where they give Dre a warm welcome. After that, we see Dre and Rashida take us to their house to spend the night with their children.

Rashida and Dre's anniversary came to an end when she opened the envelope, which she received as front-row tickets to see Ni'Jah. Rashida flips out. She hates Ni'Jah and ridicules Dre for having to do two jobs to ensure the two have a roof over their heads.

Rashida is killed in the finale. Dre gets caught in her grasping Rashida by the throat and chokes her to death. Dre whispers, "I wanted to love you," and falls asleep beside her dead body later that night.

Dre remembers that Rashida put the tickets in her pocket, and they are now in disrepair. They want to see if she is Rashida. Next, she discovers a scalper selling tickets, and they return to his car, and Dre stails the man and takes his tickets.

The Ending of Season 1 Episode 7 of Swarm is Explained

Dre and Ni'Jah get up after the show and are ecstatic to see Ni'Jah perform on the stage. She asks them to stop and let her go. Then, she asks Dre to be gentle and not be shy.

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