Recap of Season 1 Episode 5 of Swarm Who is Harris Jackson?

Recap of Season 1 Episode 5 of Swarm Who is Harris Jackson? ...

"Girl, Bye," a prime video series, has been recapped. The episode 1 episode of Prime Video series Swarm is rated 8.

Swarm has seen the bodies start to pile up, and Dre (Dominique Fishback) is escaping her little by little, but it has to catch up to her at some point. With every episode, the writer continues to raise the bar.

Recap of Season 1 of Swarm Season 1

The episode begins with someone watching a talk show about the famous bite while Dre arrives at the store to fix her phone. She then withdraws some money and demands that the clerk fix the phone. However, the clerk tells her to leave.

As they sit down for lunch, Dre introduces Ni'Jah's mother and kisses her, then we see her enter the Jackson house. After digging through some items, we see her climb up a ladder to enter the house.

Marissa's father is Harris Jackson. Harris Jackson was born at an early age and is now his oldest daughter. He was the guy who had Dre kicked out of Marissa's funeral because he blamed her for her.

We see her go through the house looking for items and then fall asleep. Dre comes out of nowhere and hands Mrs. Jackson the pistol, telling her to turn the phone off. Harris comes out of nowhere with a shotgun and tells her to put the pistol down.

The Ending of Swarm Season 1 Episode 5 is Explained

Harris starts to chastise Dre, accusing her for the death of Marissa. Dre makes a move to leave the room, but Harris shoots her but misses. Dre locks herself in Marrisa's room and begins to hear the bee buzzing again. One thing leads to another, with Dre knocking down the door.

Dre, who is visiblely hurt, is dragging down the street, trying to avoid being shot by Harris, while Harris is yelling out loud that he will never see her face again.

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