Season 1 of Swarm Episode 3 Recap What Happens When Dre Meets NiJah?

Season 1 of Swarm Episode 3 Recap What Happens When Dre Meets NiJah? ...

Season 1 of Prime Video series Swarm, Episode 3, is recaped, which includes spoilers.

Dre (Dominique Fishback) has developed a unique character study that has pushed the limits of insanity in two episodes. Only time will tell whether or not Dre eventually catch up to her.

Recap of Season 1 of Swarm Episode 3

A man walks in and hears noises. Dre then hit him in the head with a hammer, then asks him who his favorite artist is and addresses him to his death.

Alice is a Twitter follower of Dre who has posted nasty comments about Ni'Jah. First, we see Alice's tweets that criticize Ni'Jah and her fanbase for being trolls. Then, we see an article where she accuses Ni'Jah of police brutality with her music. In her Twitter bio, she says, "Make America Great Again."

Dre enters a gym where Alice is working out, but someone stands up and assists her. After making a move, we see Dre climb onto the elevator with Alice and hear the bee buzzing in her ears again. Throughout the episodes, we've noticed that Dre is getting text messages oddly from Marissa on her phone. Something has to be working out.

After a poor attempt to get into George's (the man in the elevator) house, Dre hears the buzzing sound again. He gives her some food, but she's not fond of it. She decides to have sex with George. Moments later, they both begin yelling food down their throats, which leads to them having sex.

Someone calls for an after-party after his program, and George refuses to go, but Dre wants to go. Next, she takes him around looking for a place, puts him in a refrigerator, and locks him inside. Then, we see her move to the after-party where Ni'Jah is. A few men try to approach her, but she only cares for one thing.

Ni'Jah is seen dancing as Dre maneuvers through the party. We hear a gasp as a lady approaches Dre and asks, "did you just bite Ni'Jah?" Dre freaks out and runs for it.

The Ending of Season 1 of Swarm is Explained

When Dre walks out the back door and never looks back, one of the men looks at the other and says, "You know who that was? That was the chick from Love & Basketball."

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