Recap of the first episode of Swarm Season 1 in episode 1 Who dies in Stung?

Recap of the first episode of Swarm Season 1 in episode 1 Who dies in Stung? ...

Swarm, the Prime Video series, Season 1 Episode 1, 'Stung,' is recapitulated, which contains spoilers.

Swarm, a series based on one person's obsession with a pop star, has been created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. The series isn't based on a true story, but Glover noted that the narrative is based on bits and pieces of actual events.

Recap of Season 1 of Swarm, Episode 1

After hearing "who is your favorite artist," we get an opening montage of Ni'Jah, as Dre attempts to buy tickets to her show. The only tickets available were $1800, and she bought them with a brand-new credit card she received in the mail.

Marissa, Dre's roommate/sister, is excited when she discovers she is doing Drama Queen's makeup for her Houston appearance. Khalid approaches Dre later that day, telling him she purchased tickets for the Ni'Jah concert. He asks her why she purchased the tickets.

Ni'Jah is an artist we meet early in the episode with whom Dre and millions of other fans are obsessed. She is the 'it' star of the time, and whenever she releases something, the world goes crazy. In this episode, we discover that Dre is obsessed with Ni'Jah and hopes to meet her again. Dre has spent his entire life living in Ni'Jah.

Marissa freaks out when Dre comes home late to work the following day. She takes her to the restroom, cleans her up, and tells her to keep it cool because Erica (their boss) would never allow Marissa to let him leave. Khalid comes home to work to ask Dre what Marissa likes, but she returns to the booth that has been completely ransacked.

Marissa tells Dre she will stay the night at Khalid's house until she finishes her degree. She then tries to steer the conversation in her direction by claiming she bought Ni'Jah tickets for them for her birthday. However, Marissa tells Dre she will go to Atlanta with her for her birthday.

Ni'Jah announces a new song, and she freaks out. She dresses up and goes to the club. The next morning, she wakes up in a stranger's bed. She finds out that Marissa called her a million times to try to get her to pick her up.

Marrisa passes away from an apparent overdose. Dre grabs the mail, finds the Ni'Jah tickets, and plans to send it to Marissa to the hospital. There, she attempts to wake her up.

Marrisa arrives at the store and drops a glass bottle on the floor, causing Dre to bleed. Back at the apartment, we see Marissa text Marissa and she says, "I miss you."

The Ending of Season 1 of Swarm is Explained.

Khalid asks Dre if she wants some tea, and he decides to make it for her. While he does, Dre grabs a lamp and punches him in the head with it. She falls, and she grabs on to him and punches him repeatedly with it. As the episode ends, she frantically attempts to breath.

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