Earthworms were used to develop a universal space robot

Earthworms were used to develop a universal space robot ...

There is no doubt that solar systems and new worlds will be dominated by automatic systems and many robots. This makes it necessary to develop robots as universal platforms with the potential for simple modification in order to be able to accomplish the greatest possible range of tasks. Earthworms have proved to be the ideal solution.

WORMS (Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System) is a modular walking robot that can have movable parts like the worm's body thanks to thoughtful fastenings. Also, unlike using special tools, it's simple to remove and replace other functional components without the use of special tools.

Today, a reconfigured robot will go to drill holes in lava tubes, as explained by the developers. At the same time, the flexibility of the limbs is being further advanced at MIT.

One of the WORMS chassis prototypes was able to move independently, carrying its own considerable weight of about 120 kg using six flexible legs, and the other was able to maneuver a payload of up to 400 kg without the use of special tools at a conference on the subject.

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