FIFA: Is there any direct competition to EA Sports FC? We'll update you on the series' future soon

FIFA: Is there any direct competition to EA Sports FC? We'll update you on the series' future soon ...

FIFA President Gianni Infantino believes the "FIFA" series will continue to be the best football title for fans after the conclusion of its partnership with Electronic Arts. More information on the series' future has been released soon.

Electronic Arts or EA Sports and FIFA announced last year that their agreement would not be renewed. According to unconfirmed reports, EA chose to cancel further licensing due to the now extremely high price of the FIFA license.

'FIFA 23' will be the last outgrowth of the successful series created by Electronic Arts and FIFA. While the US publisher announced in 2022 that it would publish its in-house football titles under the name "EA Sports FC" in the future and would rely on licensing of selected leagues and clubs, there have been no plans for the "FIFA" series' future so far.

This may however change in the near future. According to Gianni Infantino, the president of the world association who was elected this week, further details on the "FIFA" series' intentions will be given in the near future.

Is soccer the finest game?

FIFA will play directly against Electronic Arts and EA Sports' EA Sports FC series in their upcoming games, according to Infantino. The aim of the upcoming "FIFA" titles is to provide the perfect game for all leather enthusiasts.

FIFA will launch a competing video game with EA Sports (EA Sports declined to press requests for the name FIFA) 'The New FIFA Game – FIFA 25, 26, 27, and so on – will always be the finest e-game for any girl or boy,' according to Infantino.

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The "FIFA" series will continue in what form. The world association has also refused to comment on potential developers and publishers who might develop future derivatives.

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