Is it true that Netflix divides its work into two sections? Here are some of the culprits!

Is it true that Netflix divides its work into two sections? Here are some of the culprits! ...

Several new Netflix projects have recently launched, more specifically series, in which the seasons end up coming separately. That is, we receive, for example, five episodes in a month, but we have to wait, I don't know how long other users prefer. This is so you don't lose interest in seeing all of the new content.

All of this has splintered the opinions of various users, and there have even been many discussions about social networks, most recently with the You series, where this issue ended up being pushed out loud and ugly. All because the new episodes were released on February 10th and the rest only on March 9th.

Several friendships are being ruined by new Netflix regulations!

Do you know why Netflix splits its work into two parts?Here are some of the culprits!

Netflix used to publish a new series on the platform simultaneously, allowing a user with plenty of time in his day-to-day life to see all of the new content and satisfy his craving in just one day. This is evident after waiting almost a year to receive the project.

Despite the fact that there was a considerable amount of interest in this new phenomenon, Netflix decided to pursue and adopt it.

A good thing about this new format is that most series have ended up being released this way; the worst part is that they are even more successful than they were previously, with an unresolved mystery in the middle or a shocking revelation, which makes the public always want more...

Short, the platform there organizes its methods to make more money from its series and films. However, keep in mind that users and not Netflix were the ones who started this new trend of dividing projects.

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