Los Santos Drug Wars in Grand Theft Auto V The Last Dose Available

Los Santos Drug Wars in Grand Theft Auto V The Last Dose Available ...

The Last Dose Trailer for GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars has been released by Rockstar Games.

The last Dose of Los Santos Drug Wars is still available in GTA Online, and as of now, it is only available via Rockstar Games: A new trailer

The GTA Online version of the Los Santos Drug Wars epic has arrived. It includes five new missions packed with action, familiar faces, mercenaries, sabotage, and kidnapping, in which you help the Fooliganz led by Dr. to solve a pharmaceutical conspiracy led by GTAV's Isiah Friedlander.

The all-new Ocelot Virtue supercar is also included in The Last Dose – along with the FriedMind theme, you'll receive a free copy of the game.

Highlights from The Last Dose:

You will investigate Dr. Friedlander's psychedelic plot to the bottom in five new story missions.

After successfully completing all five missions from The Last Dose, Legendary Motorsport offers a new vehicle: the Imani Tech-capable Ocelot Virtue.

The Willard Eudora is now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos or Simeon's showroom at Premium Deluxe Motorsport – but only until March 29th.

Rewards in the Last Dose until March 29th:

Complete all missions from The Last Dose and get the Guffy flower flip flops. Purchase supplies for your LSD laboratory and complete a sales mission for the turquoise enema flourishes ski mask. Purchase the Lime Green Slab Leo Trucker Hat and the appropriate canvas shoes.

New outfit: new brand cardigans and wide trousers now available in city shops 1.5x GTA$ and RP for Fooligan jobs 1.5x LSD production speed 2x production supplies in LSD lab supply missions

Sumo (remix) will receive 2x GTA$ and RP.

Additional discounts at the Weapon Transporter include a 25% discount on the heavy rifle and a 45 percent discount on the sniper rifle (only with GTA+)

Only PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are supported.

The Principe Deveste Eight (supercar) HSW premium test vehicle

The Willard Eudora (muscle car), the Invetero Coquette D10 (sports car), the Vapid Bullet (supercar), and the Hijak Ruston (helicopter) The main prize vehicle in the LS Car Meet: the MTL Brickade 66 (service vehicle) including installed LSD lab, free clothing, additional rewards for Fooligan jobs and Hotring races GTA$125,000 will be awarded to GTA Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime

The Rockstar Newswire has all of its information. Here are a few more screenshots for you:

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