Windows 11 has many things to offer as first things!

Windows 11 has many things to offer as first things! ...

Not all people like Windows 11 or want to change. However, there are also those who do. Many of the new features and changes that come with the new operating system go unnoticed. The problem is that these are the first things to do in Windows 11.

Windows 11 includes several improvements as well.

The copy and paste function is extremely useful for anyone because it allows you to copy and paste documents from one location to another. However, it is not included by default. So, whether you're new to Windows 11 or have never heard of it, getting it activated is simple.

So go to the Start menu and click on Settings. Now scroll down until you see the clipboard option. Click on the option.

Now click on the switch in front of your clipboard history.

From that point on, you may use the Win + V key combination on your keyboard to access the Clipboard history and select the desired item that you copied earlier. It's quite a simple program and it works fantastically.

Proximity Sharing is an excellent choice if you have multiple PCs running Windows 11 or 10. Content transfers from one computer to another via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are effortless.

So, in the Settings app and in the System part, click on Proximity Sharing.

Then select All devices. Of course, if you have friends' computers nearby with whom you want to share information, you may choose All nearby.

All important files and folders must be easily accessible. You may create shortcuts to applications or folders on the Desktop, so you may access everything that matters as quickly as possible. However, we must not exploit it.

From time to time, you should look at what's important to you. If you just purchased a Windows 11 computer, you'll see Desktop icons like the Recycle Bin. These icons may be easily hidden by right-clicking them.

The Storage option is also found within the settings. If we click on this option, we will navigate to another one that concerns the storage sensor.

To make this change, you must go to Windows settings. You may do it either through the Start menu or by searching for Settings in Windows.

Look for and click on Screen then, inside the system, then press Night Light.

It's now possible to set the intensity of the light and also schedule the activation. All because we don't have to do anything manually for the operating system to arrive at the time and reduce the blue light.

It all depends on your habits. Let's say you go to bed around ten o'clock at night and until then, you usually stay on your computer. It's a good idea to start working on this system around 20 or 19:30 the next morning in the morning.

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