Mazda CX-60: Quality! Much quality!

Mazda CX-60: Quality! Much quality! ...

The CX-60 is an unusually small SUV, but one that quickly conquers us with style, excellent build quality, and, perhaps more importantly, attention to detail.

The exterior is capable of wreaking havoc on any level of fan, and the interior is simply the cherry on the cake.

Mazda's first big bet in the world of plug-in vehicles is the CX-60, which has a 2.5L gasoline engine, powered by an electric motor, and a 17.8kWh battery.

A 2.5L e-SKYACTIV PHEV engine capable of transferring all its power to the four wheels through an 8-speed transmission, which also has the potential of providing you with roughly 100 kilometers of pure electric autonomy on city routes.

Do you want to know more?

Mazda employs over 80 people, mostly from all industries, and offers all kinds of luxurious SUVs, in case you didn't know.

The CX-60 is undoubtedly a winning proposition for Mazda, as it opens it up to a more premium segment, with a lot of competition, yet with strong weapons to persuade drivers to buy a good SUV at a somewhat lower cost.

The standard equipment is also quite generous, even in the most basic version of the CX-60, which will always be able to instill a super premium feeling in the hands of the drivers as well as among other passengers.

Mazda is the first car manufacturer to develop a plug-in vehicle, offering significant fuel savings of up to 100 kilometers.

Even if we consider the nearly two tons of weight, we don't have the same dynamic driving experience as any other lighter and more agile Mazda.

Which of the following is a range of 0 to 100?

The CX-60 plug-in can go 100 kilometers per hour from a stationary position in about 5.5 seconds.

Is it a waste of energy?

This will always depend on its battery management, which is capable of consuming zero liters of gasoline on short journeys. On other routes that already include the use of a combustion engine, you can consume 2L, 3L, etc... It always depends on the distance and the weight of your foot. It can even reach 7L at 100 kilometers travelled, if you opt for more dynamic driving, where we must include the highway.

Both can help you save money. This is crucial if you want to drive at speeds that are also higher than the one you see in Mazda.

The CX-60 is a stunning automobile, but what really surprised me was the interior. The materials are some of the finest I've ever seen in testing. What a surprise!

Even the most basic model includes a 12.3" screen, heated seats, and heated steering wheel... There are also options to include a Bose sound system, 20" wheels, and electric seats, among other features.

The CX-60 is a stunning vehicle, capable of demonstrating all that Mazda is capable of offering in the highest levels of the automotive industry. It is also a vehicle that, in addition to style, is also capable of providing plenty of storage space for you and your family.

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