In style, we commemorate 15 years of TPNET!

In style, we commemorate 15 years of TPNET! ...

MuyComputer was born on May 22, 2008 (currently MC). Our first online publication, the Total Publishing Network (TPNET) group, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

VeryComputerPro, also known today as MCPRO, is devoted to large-scale business technology; VerySMEs is geared towards small- and medium-sized businesses; and, lastly, verychannel is designed to give space to technology partners.

The TPNET community began to grow and establish itself in the technological media landscape with many years of dedication. A space that has managed to provide us these 15 years of news of all kinds.

The year 2008 was a year when MySpace and the P2P world of downloading files were the hot topics (trending topics) of the moment. A year in which we saw the consolidation of the first iPhone, launched in June 2007, and a glimpse of the second generation that enabled 3G networks.

Toshiba's HDDVD format was phased out earlier this year, defeating Blu-ray from Sony and Philips, among others. It was the end of a battle in which we saw how these two formats would each become the winning standard.

After the dotcom bubble in the late 1990s, companies were somewhat more prepared to enter the Internet world. Despite the stock market and financial turmoil, many startups began to prosper, with names such as Groupon and Cloudera as among the most well-known.

2008 was the year of the Nintendo DSi, the family's portable console with a camera, and GTA IV was introduced, obviously, in much less advanced versions than the current ones.

Cloud computing took off in 2008, yet what today has been democratized and consolidated was still a very small amount of information, including for a few instances of use. We can't forget that in that year there were still no major services and technology companies that existed.We can't forget that in that year there were still no major services and technology companies that existed.

We swore to ourselves 15 years ago, as a result.

At TPNET, we are celebrating 15 years of existence. However, we perceive this date as the start of the change. Our goal is to continue to celebrate our anniversary and to provide high-quality consumer and professional technology information to our audience.

At TPNET, we are stronger than ever. We are aware of everything that has changed journalism, technology, and the world itself, but the effort has been worth it. A journey in which we have been learning, improving, and professionalizing our business, but also retaining the same essence that inspired it.

In 2023, we have prepared several events to commemorate TPNET's 15th anniversary. We want to preserve the spirit of this anniversary, but above all, demonstrate that we are a leader in the technology sector both in terms of information and demand generation.

We ask you to keep an eye on our newsletters, which will inform you of our next events during this anniversary. We would not be able to accomplish this mission without you!

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