Six British developers have approved the purchase of Microsoft x Activision

Six British developers have approved the purchase of Microsoft x Activision ...

The British Competition and Market Surveillance Authority CMA has issued statements from six development studios arguing for the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft.

However, only one of the artists was named. It's 4J Studios, the Scottish company responsible for Minecraft's console versions.

4J's chairman and co-founder, Chris van der Kuyl believes the company was in a unique position to work not only with Microsoft, but also with Mojang, even prior to Microsoft's acquisition.

Microsoft has maintained every aspect of the agreements throughout its tenure, and has also significantly expanded our collaboration to encompass new formats like the Switch, as well as other content additions, according to van der Kuyl.

Is there any harm to consumers?

Another studio, who asked not to be named, said, "We believe that consumer preferences and preferences in video games span a wide range of games and genres and platforms."

Therefore, no title is considered a "must have" in the interactive entertainment sector.

"We do not believe the proposed transaction will have an adverse impact on consumers," said the group given the present situation.

Another response to the UK's competition and markets regulator was from an indie developer who claims to have worked with several major game publishers, including Sony, Microsoft, and Activision. He believes that Microsoft has fulfilled all agreements and commitments over the 25 years that they have been in touch with each other.

Would UK consumers be better served if they were bought by Tencent instead of Microsoft if it were prevented? According to the anonymous CEO, Tencent would be less subject to Western regulations if the publisher was acquired.

The fourth statement goes in a similar direction. It comes from a AAA title developer and publisher who stated that due to the situation's "complexity", it is "difficult [die] to ascertain the exact "impact" of the acquisition.

"We do not anticipate any significant impacts of the merger on our company or the distribution of our own products." In particular, we do not anticipate the merger to jeopardize the distribution of our own games on Xbox or other consoles."

On the PlayStation, a developer feels depressed.

The fifth participant in the survey complained that their own games on PlayStation consoles are perceived as less appealing. "We've found that our sales have slowed with each release," the company said.

According to the studio's assessment, the PlayStation has the largest player numbers and console sales, but that share "primarily goes to larger titles from big publishing labels and/or developers and publishers that are willing to spend large sums to... promote paid marketing on the PlayStation console."

"The acquisition will not make Xbox the dominant platform," according to the studio. It's far more likely to help level the playing field between Xbox and PlayStation, which is crucial at this point."

PlayStation therefore need "better competition" to enliven its activities, and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard will "certainly assist" in this endeavor.

Microsoft was taken care of in the morning for the headlines, although the six developers are behind the software. The FTC has reported that the company has refused to release important papers relevant to the regulator's decision.

Microsoft has issued a new statement.

Microsoft also issued a new letter to the CMA, accusing its competitor Sony of wanting to defend its "dominant market position."

"Microsoft is poised, as it has been since day one, to reach an agreement with Sony to ensure CoD remains on PlayStation." Despite Nintendo and NVIDIA's refusal, Sony has repeatedly refused to enter an agreement with Microsoft, instead requesting that the merger be banned.

Sony has installed and sold more than twice the amount of consoles as Microsoft has sold internationally. Sony's position must be seen for what it is: a self-serving attempt to maintain its dominance, not one based on genuine concerns about its continuing access to CoD, which it might have secured months ago.”

More information on the topic may be found here.

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard, according to Microsoft's intentions, will be completed this year. The following months will reveal what changes must be made.

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