Lesta Games is inviting you to enter a code for World of Tanks 2023

Lesta Games is inviting you to enter a code for World of Tanks 2023 ...

Be sure to confirm the creation of an account with the mail you specified: "Lesta Games / World of Tanks: Please confirm your email."

After you log into the game, you'll receive a unique Experimental equipment as a present (the best in the game, but you can only get it until March 31, 2023). And, of course, get trained. training groundto receive 500 gold, 17,500 credits, and three days of Tank Premium Account and then complete tasks Tank Academy (32 pieces).

With bonus codes, you may register for World of Tanks.

During the creation of a new profile, codes that reward you for registering in World of Tanks are entered. For their activation, you can get in-game gold, premium account days, credits (silver), tanks for rent or forever. After you fill out the fields with Email, select a name in the game and enter a password, click on the column "Do you have an invite code?"

On account creation, there are three choices for World of Tanks preset bonus codes, which are automatically registered.

If none of them liked, then enter one of the current Lesta Games invite codes when registering an account in the special column following the previous fields.

TAHKI (we recommend this one because it offers gold). TANKOLET (here they provide additional vehicles of tier 6-7 for rent for 10 battles). RENT2T2LT (similar in bonuses to the previous two).

World of Tanks 2023 invite codes are now available.

In this article, we will explain how to use Invite codes in Lesta Games for World of Tanks. If you didn't notice a separate column for input immediately, then it's not a worry: within seven days after registration you may enter the desired invite.

On the Premium Shop page (via browser) of Lesta Game Center (via launcher).

The table below lists valid invite codes, so choose the one that suits you best based on your preferences. If we talk about the account's economic benefits, the most "fat" code is TAHKI.

In the World of Tanks game, bonus codes are available.

Bonus codes are a special set of numbers that are displayed after registering. They are released with a limited number of activations or with a limited duration.

Days of premium account; personal reserve for silver farming bonus, combat experience or crew; unique combat missions (chains with rewards or tournaments); equipment rental; and various consumables and books with crew experience.

Bonus codes for promotions are often released by Lesta Games, sometimes as a reward or timed in conjunction with certain occasions (Victory Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, New Year, etc.). Here is the current code for registering a new profile with bonus goodies.

After registering for an account, you may utilize them.

Lesta.ru/shop/redeem is a game launcher. Lesta.ru/shop/redeem/ is a game launcher.

They may be activated at any time and on any account, unlike invite codes.

Extra points may be added to the mix.

Diverse rewards will be credited to your account for successfully completing the Tank Academy:

16 days of premium account 4,000,000+ silver 3 premium tanks Object 703 Variant II, CS-52 LIS, TS-5 for rent for 14 days 40,000+ free experience Objectives for x5 experience Barracks and hangar expansion Universal and national fragments Personal reserves

450000 silver and 1500 free experience are also available for completion of combat missions "Topography."

Due to expiration or over-activation, bonus codes vary constantly. Sometimes codes are valid for several months, but each code must be entered once per account.

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