Do you know why Netflix divides work in two parts? Here are the culprits!

Do you know why Netflix divides work in two parts? Here are the culprits! ...

Netflix has recently launched several series where the seasons end up coming separately. That is, we receive, for example, five episodes in a month, and we have to wait I don't know how long until we receive the remaining five episodes of the project, something that many others enjoy. This is to keep your interest in seeing all the new content.

All of this has resulted in a wide range of opinions among different users, and there have even been many debates on social networks, most recently with the You series, where this topic ended up being incredibly undone. All because the new episodes were released on February 10th and the rest on March 9th. But why did this technique gain enormous prominence in the Netflix series?

Several friendships are being ruined by new Netflix regulations!

Do you remember how Netflix categorizes projects into two parts?Here are the culprits!

After waiting for almost a year to receive the project, Netflix used to release a new series on the platform simultaneously, thereby ensuring that all of the new content and episodes would be available at the same time.

Despite the fact that there was still a lot of people using this new method, there are now a few new ones. This is because there were several instances of people who stated that they did not like to receive everything at once.

A useful is merged with a pleasant. After all, since this new format has been implemented, most series have ended up being released this way. And the worst part is that they are even more successful than before, with an unresolved mystery in the middle or a shocking revelation, which makes the public always want more...

The platform arranges its methods to make more money from its series and films. But keep in mind that it was users rather than Netflix that initiated this new trend of dividing projects.

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