Wasching machine: no bleach and no stains!

Wasching machine: no bleach and no stains! ...

There is nothing worse than doing a wash in the washer and, at the end, discovering that the clothes are still stained. Especially when it comes to white clothes, where they are most noticeable. There is a way to eliminate the problem once and for all!

Soak up stains and no bleach in your washing machine!

When confronted with light clothing, many people resort to harsh chemicals. Not just stains.

When it happens, it seems like there is no other option but to seek out harmful chemicals like bleach. However, experts advise that you can get your clothes completely clean by adjusting the water temperature as it should be.

Even the smallest stains may be the end of white clothes. However, if you use the wrong methods to clean it, it may be even worse.

Baking soda or white vinegar can be beneficial in removing moles. However, they aren't always effective against oils and certain types of stains.

The key is to use warmer temperatures rather than other detergents in the washing machine, such as bleach.

Before putting all of your whites through a 60 degree wash cycle, it's important to separate your laundry into different sets, following the laundry instructions for each garment. The key to sorting is assembling items according to how much warmth each item of clothing can tolerate.

Hot water is the best choice when it comes to stains. It not only helps activate your detergent (and is more effective at dissolving powder detergent completely), but it also helps to clean your laundry cleaner, making it appear cleaner and fresher.

In this particular case this influencer used Fairy, although in reality it might be anybody.

Simply wash the cloth separately from the clothes in the washing machine.

The whole process is quite simple, especially when you consider the results it yields! Below is a video that illustrates the whole process.

Nevertheless, there are also those who respond to the video by rubbing dishwashing detergent directly onto the clothes, especially where the stains are. It can also produce clothes with other colors.

Just a warning. In this video, just a little detergent is added. It isn't worth it to spend time cleaning yourself up in a washing machine that is stuffed with foam.

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