Wonder Woman Transforms Into A Greek Goddess, and Her Look Is Wild

Wonder Woman Transforms Into A Greek Goddess, and Her Look Is Wild ...

Wonder Woman has received some new abilities and a stunning costume. The Princess of Themyscira has become a divinity and is now part of Olympus. Obviously, this has entailed a set of consequences in terms of powers and aesthetic design.

The incident occurred in issue #1 of Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods. A first number that is the work of G. Willow Wilson and the artist Cian Tormey.

The whole pantheon of blocky greek mythology has decided to launch himself towards Earth and keep the DC Universe under wraps. The objective? To rekindle human affection for them over the centuries.

Wonder Woman makes the decision to put an end to this bloodshed and this bloody conflict, and she travels to Mount Olympus to confront Hera.

He discovers something surprising while Wonder Woman joins the humans in this conflict, and the Greek gods win... That would be the end of the Amazons. Hera's words leave Diana Prince completely frozen.

Themyscira will also perish without humanity's love and faith. That would be the end of this wonder woman town.

Wonder Woman has to make the hardest decision of her life: assist mortals or save the Amazons.

Wonder Woman chooses her family as per usual. After accepting her new role as goddess, the Princess of Themyscira justifies herself.

Hera utilizes her powers as a Greek goddess to transform Wonder Woman into a new Olympian deity. Along the way, he acquires new superpowers and a spectacular golden suit that reflects his new divine nature.

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