Fan Artist Artwork for Genshin Impact New Hero

Fan Artist Artwork for Genshin Impact New Hero ...

Although Warka may not be the case, fans do not know yet.

Varka, the head of the Favonius order, might be one of the new characters in Genshin Impact: players have heard a lot about him, but have never seen him. At the beginning of the week, insiders revealed what Varka is, and artist fans began drawing him.

The appearance is correct, although there is a flaw. Perhaps it is related to another heroa character named Wriothesley, who was not previously mentioned in the game.

Fans-artists aren't at all embarrassed. They publish artwork dedicated to Varka or another Genshin Impact character: whatever the hero's name, he'll likely look something like this.

Varka (or Wriothesley) is portrayed as a powerful youngster with wolf characteristics. His clothes are allegedly dominated by black-red-gray tones, and the character's costume is decorated with fur.

Pay attention to the second image: its similarity to the original is evaluated at 7.5-8 out of 10, and the ninth is rated even higher, but the artist forgot about the raincoat.

Genshin Impact will not be released until patch 3.8, which will be released around July 5th.

This is an interesting story.

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