How Does Dante Stop Traveling in Time at the End of Still Time?

How Does Dante Stop Traveling in Time at the End of Still Time? ...

'Still Time' is an Italian comedy-drama directed by Alessandro Aronadio. The film follows Dante, a workaholic who finds himself randomly traveling through time year after year, without any control over how his life turns out. As a result, the viewer must have some doubts about the plot until the end.

Plot Synopsis for Still Time

Dante accidentally misidentifies Alice for his girlfriend at a new year's party, but she still sparks a spark between them, leading to them eventually becoming engaged. On Dante's 40th birthday, Alice throws him a surprise party for when he returns from work, but he doesn't return home hours later than he was supposed to.

When Dante wakes up the next day to discover Alice a few months pregnant, he realizes that instead of going to sleep the day after his 40th birthday, he has woken up a year ahead of his 41st birthday, only to wake up on the day of his 42nd birthday next.

As the years pass, Alice's relationship unravels. He discovers that they have separated and that he has begun seeing Francesca, his secretary from work. Dante strives to salvage his life, but things keep falling apart even more. While his home life continues to be bleak, his work life improves.

How Does Dante Stop Traveling in Time After Still Time?

Dante jumps in time and seeks medical attention. His results come back without any indication that something was wrong, and the doctor does not take him seriously. Next, when Valerio offers Dante some help, he isn't ridiculed instantly. He continues to try to help him.

After promising Francesca that he'll see her again soon, he finds himself standing on the porch of his daughter's house after a year. Valerio is diagnosed with cancer and loses his father in what is technically a year for him, but in just a few hours.

Dante learns about Valerio's recovery and takes it on a rollercoaster ride. Then, something clicks for him, and he decides to make his life a priority. Dante brings his dog home and spends the whole day with his family, enjoying their company, and not worrying about anything else. And then the next day, not the next year.

What happened to the rollercoaster? Was it a magical rite of passage that Dante had to go through before his life could return to normal? No. Because Dante is well-established to be a workaholic with little time to actually enjoy life. It's only when Dante stops trying to fix the past or secure a better future that his loop breaks.

Is Dante and Alice related?

Dante keeps attempting to hold onto Alice, even though he doesn't remember it until later on. Eventually, Alice discovers Omar and begins a relationship with him, even going as far as to adopt his daughter.

Alice notices a shift in him once Dante invites her and Galadriel to his house and spends the entire day with them. The same is demonstrated by Dante finally accepting that he has to wait 10 seconds before he can enjoy a freshly made pancake.

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