Is Netflix still based on a true story?

Is Netflix still based on a true story? ...

'Still Time,' which was originally titled 'Era Ora,' is an Italian comedy drama directed by Alessandro Aronadio. It chronicles Dante Agnosio, an avid workaholic, and how he watches his life go by in the blink of an eye.

'Still Time' uses a strange premise to tell a story about family and relationships and criticizes corporate culture that prevents individuals from living their lives outside of their jobs. Both are things that most people have experienced at some point in their lives.

Is There Still Time a True Story?

No, the film 'Still Time' isn't a true story. Dante finds himself in a tricky time-traveling situation. On his 40th birthday, his partner Alice throws him a surprise dinner. However, Dante already has too much on his plate between work and other responsibilities, so he just barely manages to make it to the party.

People have been encouraged to invest their time and energy in becoming productive under capitalism as much as possible. Dante is a victim of this same mindset. He declares that he does everything for his family, but when he goes back to work, he realizes that his work is the very thing that drives his family away.

Valerio, Dante's close friend, discusses a number of science experiments that were conducted to study the nature of time and how one perceives it. When compared, the one that flew around the world was behind the one that stayed in Washington.

The Hafele and Keating Experiment is a 1971 real-world experiment that is used as a metaphorical explanation. Dante is moving too fast through life, which is why he is experiencing time in this unusual way. In the end, he slows down and seeks fulfillment without thinking about the past or the future.

'Still Time' isn't based on a true story. Nevertheless, it echoes everyday worries and makes life seem more real. The way this film depicts Dante's workaholic personality and how it affects his life is what makes it feel so real.

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