What Has Happened to the Winner of The Law of the Jungle, Josu Villanueva?

What Has Happened to the Winner of The Law of the Jungle, Josu Villanueva? ...

The Law of the Jungle is one of a few reality television shows that have enthralled people in a way that is as engaging as Netflix's 'La Ley de la Selva,' which has gained many followers due to its unique format and surprising turn of events. However, Josué Villanueva has also won many admirers due to his stunning performance.

The Law of the Jungle Journey by Josué Villanueva

Josué was assigned to be a part of the Blue Team after entering the Netflix competition series. He was soon recognized as one of the best players on his team after becoming a member of the show. This meant that he was sent to the very first Purge alongside John and Sandy.

The Blue Team won the second challenge, though they ended the third round. After five rounds of games, Jo and Leslie were the only remaining members of their camp, and they had to join the orange team for the rest of the season. In fact, some of the other competitors said they wanted to see Jo in the finals and were willing to risk their own elimination for the same.

Josué's teammates assured him that he would not be sent to the sixth purge, but he had already secured his safe passage by agreeing to sabotage the task before for immunity from being sent to the elimination round. After the winners were selected, it was revealed that Josué had never agreed to pay sabotage for money.

What Has Happened to Josué Villanueva?

Josué, who plays a professional parkour athlete, has shared his work via social media. His maternal love is evident for anyone who sees him.

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