Ex-Blizzard Execs Create Unique AAA Games in a New Studio

Ex-Blizzard Execs Create Unique AAA Games in a New Studio ...

Magic Soup Games, a fully-remote game development studio co-founded by the three, is currently working on an unannounced game that it says is "into any existing genre today."

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Oneal, Brack, and Donham all left Blizzard Entertainment after coming to terms with well-documented allegations of sexual harassment and a "frat boy" workplace culture. Magic Soup Games is a collaboration around the people.

The studio currently employs only five people and refers to its employees as "chefs," who are all working together to create "awesome games from a sort of creative soup." Its objective is to "create original AAA games that are truly motivating and inclusive for players around the world," Oneal said of the studio's first upcoming project: "I'm hopeful that this will happen."

Magic Soup Games' official website provides further information on the studio's culture and career possibilities. We'll keep you updated when the studio's official website changes.

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