Recap & Review of Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19

Recap & Review of Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 ...

The Festival is a time to remember.

Season 2 Episode 19, all teachers learn about the idea to transform Abbott Elementary into an Abbott Charter and decide to work together to prevent that happening.

Barbara suggests that they organize a big open house for parents in order to get in.

Gregory is worried about not being able to attract a large enough crowd, hence Janine suggests inviting Tariq as a headliner. Despite Gregory's objections, Ava creates a headliner.

Parents sign their petitions only to Ava proclaiming (as a trick) that Jazmine Sullivan would be there. When Jazmine Sullivan fails to arrive, the parents realize that they were just tricking them into signing their petition.

Gregory got on the stage and put on a fun show, which enabled Gregory to draw more signatures.

Despite Draemond's surprise, he appears to speak on how the petition will deprive Abbott of his support. His statement however, fails, causing parents to realize that their children may not even be permitted to attend the Abbott Charter.

The school mourns Draemond's departure after successfully booing him away. Draemond speaks with his former teacher Barbara and confesses his loss.

"Festival," an exceptional episode of Abbott Elementary, brings together the teachers (despite their differences) to stand up for no child is left behind.

Each character has their chance to play a role in the organization against Legendary Charter (thanks to Krystal, the finest Abbott parent). The reintroduction of Tariq sets a fun mood for Draemond's appearance, as well as exaggerates Gregory and Janine's friendship.

I'll admit, although I loved the episode and its takedown of Legendary Charter Schools, it does feel somewhat anticlimactic to continue the season. The season has been carefully building up to this. So, what does the season hold?

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!

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