Do Dante and Alice rekindle their friendship as a result of the Still Time ending?

Do Dante and Alice rekindle their friendship as a result of the Still Time ending? ...

Still Time, a Netflix film set in 2023, is about the end, which will include spoilers.

Still Time is a Netflix original film directed by Alessandro Aronadio. Dante is a workaholic who wants his life to be slower as he travels through time and loses many years of his life.

Dante meets Alice at a party after mistaking her with his current wife, who was wearing the same outfit. They have a long-term connection; Alice is an artist, and Dante works long hours at an insurance company, which strains their bond.

Dante wakes up to his next birthday because of work and other responsibilities. Alice grows up, Alice and Dante break up, Alice meets someone new, and Dante begins seeing Francesca.

Dante wishes he could slow down. He realizes that he should stop rushing and appreciate every day.

The Ending of Still Time is Explained

Dante assures Alice that he believes she should stay together, rather than trying to control her. He wants her to be content because he loves her.

Dante realizes that he doesn't want to think about yesterday or tomorrow. He only cares about the present moment and wants to spend it with Alice and Galadriel. He vows to make amends for his past, in which he spent all his time at work and was unsatisfied at home.

Dante wakes up to a new year and finds Alice and Galadriel at his house. He admits that throughout the previous few years, he just did what he wanted to do. Even if he can't get the time back, he believes there is still time to change.

In the last scene of the film, Alice and Dante have rekindled their friendship and are now living together. Alice is also surprised but glad to learn that Dante took all of his 96 vacation days to be with her.

Dante is adamant about maintaining a good relationship with his daughter. Galadriel requests he borrow a book from Alice. It teaches him that everything in life passes, but love and family are the only things that never pass.

Dante spends the last time with his father, who has Alzheimer's, before he passes away. He thinks about his life choices and admits that he did it for himself in everything he did. When he goes to work and declares that he will be taking vacation days, he apologizes to Francesca for her behavior when they were dating.

Valerio, Dante's friend, had cancer and has since recovered; the two are on a rollercoaster together, which they promised to do at the start of Still Time. We learn from him that life is precious and short.

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