Still Time is a funny reminder to appreciate life

Still Time is a funny reminder to appreciate life ...

Still Time, a 2023 Netflix film directed by Alessandro Aronadio, is reviewed. There are no spoilers here.

Still Time is a Netflix original film starring Edoardo Leo and Barbara Ronchi. The Italian comedy-drama follows a workaholic who never wants to take time off. He misses important moments with his loved ones and realizes that life should be taken seriously.

Review and plot summary of Still Time

Dante meets his future girlfriend, Alice, when he confuses her with his current fiancée. The movie follows Dante as he goes through his day and accomplishing so many tasks that he is late for his surprise birthday party.

Dante expresses that he is constantly stressed and does not notice how quickly days pass by. He wishes to work a lot in the present in order to get better days later. However, he wakes up the following day and discovers that his wife is expecting a child. Later, he unknowingly travels through time again to discover that his daughter is now a few months old.

Dante skips over years of his life, realizing that he is missing out on life's greatest moments. These include the birth of his daughter and his job advancement. He also learns about his disgruntled relationship with Alice. Dante must recover everything he lost, demonstrate his love for Alice, and find fulfillment in life.

Is Still Time a Good Film for 2023?

Still Time allows viewers to experience Dante's shock and displeasure as he continues to awaken in a new year. He is a funny, funny character that responds to these bizarre changes as anyone would. He is confused by Alice's pregnancy, thinking she has a weak stomach, and is scared when he senses the baby moving.

Dante's funny moments last when he jumps forward to discover that he has a daughter, whom he keeps confusing for a son. Since he keeps jumping through time, he has no clue what he should do with his growing daughter. He even forgets her occasionally, which would be terrifying in any other scenario.

The film is as funny as it is enlightening and encourages us to step back. The fear Dante has of time passing by exists because he never stops or takes a break. Alice hates him for never going to work with his daughter and preferring work over his family.

Still Time is both heartfelt and heartbreaking, revealing that life is short, and we must cherish what we have.

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