In 2023, Void Crew will be a co-op space trip

In 2023, Void Crew will be a co-op space trip ...

Focus Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Hutlihut Games, focusing on Void Crew, a new space adventure you can participate in together with other players.

The newly announced space adventure Void Crew, which is scheduled to be released in 2023, has yet to be released. You will be able to interact with up to four team members, and you will have to defend yourself with force of arms in order to earn loot.

In Void Crew, you can form your squad, crew your spaceship, and fight terrible creatures in the galaxy together. These drop loot, which you can use to further enhance your characters. This, in turn, will help you restore humanity's place.

As you go through space, you'll also encounter asteroid storms, solar winds, and other hazards. There are also space pirates waiting for you, and collaboration from your team is necessary. Some tasks will be prioritized by the individual members.

Void Crew's first playable demo will be available during PAX East on March 23-26, 2023.

Announcement Trailer for Void Crew

Focus Entertainment has announced a new cooperative action adventure in a sci-fi setting with Void Crew.

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