NFS Unbound's first content update has been announced

NFS Unbound's first content update has been announced ...

The Criterion studio's developers joined forces with EA to unveil the first content update for the NFS Unbound racing arcade's first content update, revealing its contents along the way.

The update will be free, but it will also be quite large-scale: new cars, events, tests, and cosmetic items will be promised. In addition, multiplayer chases are also planned. For the online mode, 40 daily tasks are planned, the completion of which will be recognized with the new cars already mentioned.

Keys To The Map is a paid DLC game that aims to make finding everything useful in the game world easier by adding all of the marks to the map – the game will cost $ 4.99 for the addon.

The download of the update, Need for Speed Unbound: Volume 2, will take place on March 21. The update will be available on all of the game's target platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

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