Promo: this war machine with an RTX 4090 gaming PC is ludicrous next to it

Promo: this war machine with an RTX 4090 gaming PC is ludicrous next to it ...

Promo for a news good deal: your gaming PC is shady next to this war machine with an RTX 4090 CPU.

Published on 03/16/2023 at 20:45

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The arrival of the world's most powerful graphics card at the end of 2022 has prompted many computer gamers to cut down on their purchases. This is the case with this ultimate gaming PC, which is quite possibly the most powerful on the market.

Cybertek has dropped the price of the greatest gaming PC of 2023.

Playing on a PC is not an easy task. In fact, it takes a minimum of computer knowledge to appreciate the true power of our computer. Fortunately, recognized manufacturers allow us to acquire powerful PC gamers without having to tweak everything ourselves. This particular model is literally the most powerful gaming PC of 2023.

The Elysiom gaming PC is now 4699.99€ rather than 4999.99€. This is a €300 reduction on the most powerful PC of the moment, ideal for gaming in 4K in optimal conditions.

On Cybertek, you can get the Elysiom gaming PC for €4,699.99.

Elysiom, a PC gamer, has a processor that supports 16GB of RAM, a processor called RTX 4090, and two SSDs.

The first thing you notice about this gaming PC is its striking and elegant appearance. This white box opens to a window to admire the machine's top performance components.

Inside, there is an Intel Core i9-13900K processor, which is quite possibly the most powerful Intel processor on the market. Coupled with 32 GB of DDR5 RAM, you have a gaming PC that is ideal for video editing, 3D modeling, and more.

The RTX 4090 is the most powerful graphics card on the market with its 24 GB of dedicated video memory and 10,496 CUDA cores (ideal for the application). With this model, you may play all recent games in 4K, such as Hogwarts Legacy or soon Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The Elysiom gaming PC has a 2TB NVMe SSD, the most powerful storage space of the moment, and it will start up as soon as you load your games.

The Elysiom gaming PC is a monster of power, and it is currently benefiting from a 300€ discount, bringing it to 4699.99€.

Cybertek has offered a €4,699.99 gaming PC called Elysiom.

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