The Menzoberranzan Expansion for Neverwinter will take place on March 28th

The Menzoberranzan Expansion for Neverwinter will take place on March 28th ...

On March 28, the Neverwinter expansion Menzoberranzan will be released on PC and consoles.

Neverwinters' 25th expansion, Menzoberranzan, will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on March 28th.

This major update to the free-to-play D&D MMORPG marks the culmination of a two-part narrative and campaign, which started with the previous expansion Northdark Reaches, and was implemented in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore and Geno Salvatore.

For the first time in Neverwinter, players will be able to visit Menzoberranzan, famous D&D characters' ancestral home, and witness the events that took place between the previous two books, Glacier's Edge and Lolth's Warrior.

Northdark Reaches: A Sneak Alert About the Last Game Expanding

Jarlaxle Baenre, the leader of the Bregan D'aerthe mercenary force, has returned to Menzoberranzan following the events of Northdark Reaches and the reunion with scout Braelin Janquay. There is still a lot of work to be done there, but rumors have spread about a long-forgotten item that might turn the tide in Lolth's favor.

The Underdark would be plunged into chaos if such power were to fall into the wrong hands. Players must go back into the depths alongside the ex-Drinns of blasphemy to save Menzoberranzan from the dangers!

In Neverwinter, heroes who obey Jarlaxle Baenre's plea will discover a slew of new content, including a brand new adventure zone, Menzoberranzan. To survive the deadly streets of this notorious drow city, players must dodge patrols and dodge lurking assassins.

In quests for epic rewards, they will undertake new missions, meet old enemies, and confront new foes as they explore this area of the Underdark.

Dungeons & Dragons fans and Neverwinter players have a chance to face off against Gzemnid, the beholder god of Neverwinter, and loot rare treasures on the 10th anniversary of Neverwinter.

Gzemnid has taken physical form in his reliquary, waiting for those who are brave or foolish enough to defy a beholder god. Added bonus rewards for all date event stores are also included in the new expansion.

Neverwinter is a free to play action game that features dynamic combat and epic dungeons. Players will explore the beautiful city of Neverwinter and the surrounding countryside, while learning about the legendary Forgotten Realm city's rich history while defending the city against countless enemies.

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