The second artwork for the confirmed fantasy game is presented by Techland

The second artwork for the confirmed fantasy game is presented by Techland ...

Dominik Kaufmann | 03/16/2023 – 18:23

The new design for the next open world project gives you an additional impression of the fantasy setting.

Techland, a Polish developer, has announced that "we never stop improving."

With a narrative focus, this article describes how to prepare for the exam.

The developers of Techland describe what you may imagine in the confirmed open-world role-playing game. It is described as a "narrative fantasy epic," in which you explore an exotic, free-roaming world. The gameplay elements of Techland will be combined and refined.

As you know it from the "Dying Light" series, one of these game mechanics is climbing. This image suggests that this element will play an important role in the next game.

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The fragmentation of the celestial body in the distance is striking. We also see a house visited by many people. This is why an extinct world is unlikely. In any event, there are several rock formations in the landscape, one of which is particularly impressive. There is some kind of fortress or temple on it.

The first illustration for this project was published by Techland last year. There are also many waterfalls and ancient structures to see.

The board of directors attracted former CD Projekt RED developers to the project. Two narrative specialists and one open-world expert are also on the roster. Deathloop's creative director is also on the line.

At the time, a complete current-gen experience was promised. Therefore, no support for previous consoles should be expected.

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