Elden Ring, the Bleeding Talisman, where can I find it to enhance its bleeding build?

Elden Ring, the Bleeding Talisman, where can I find it to enhance its bleeding build? ...

News Elden Ring Bleeding Talisman tip: Where to Find It to Optimize It's Blood Building?

Published on 03/16/2023 at 18:45

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Do you want to go for a bleeding build, but you want to equip a talisman that enhances this effect? We will teach you which talisman to choose, and where to find it.

Elden Ring's bleeding feature is popular; it allows you to do additional damage due to an accumulation of bleeding. Its popularity is due to its tendency to cause significant damage during boss fights or in PvP.

The bleeding set may be reduced in many ways, depending upon your weapon's affinity.

The other katanas with a dual Freeze/Bleed passive effect (Ice Uchigatana) are similar to the so-called classic set with the bloody river, which is known to be devastating in PvP. Others include Reduvia, Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, Eleonora's Double Blade, etc.

You may quickly become the bleeding expert if you combine incantations or abilities (Seppuku, Bloodfire Blade, etc.).

What is the best weapon for a bleeding structure?

There are not three thousand talismans. There is only one weapon to increase your attacks in the event of bleeding. This is the'Exultation of the Blood Lord,' which is located in the city of Leyndell.

In order to obtain this talisman, you will need to go to the city's sewers.

Start by crossing the "Underground path" that has given us grace. Jump on the appropriate platform, then return to the top.

Go up the pipe you just reached, then look up another drop point on the same pipe, avoiding too much damage at the bottom of the sewers.

The entrance to the Leyndell Catacombs is in the recess on your right. Run along the wall, you will be able to escape the lobster that only wants one thing: to kill you.

All you need to do to get out of the dungeon is enter the boss room, specifically the one named ofEsgar, the Blood Priest.

Which gear should you select for a bleeding build?

TheBloodlord's Exultation and the white mask are necessary for a bleeding build. They allow you to boost your attacks in the event of bleeding caused nearby, so much to tell you that they are more than necessary for this build.

The Scarified Seal of Marika, the Favor of the World Tree, or even the Scarified Seal of Marika may be used to complete your talisman set.

Nonetheless, we strongly encourage you to acquire the Fragment d'Alexander, especially if you have weapon skills. It can be obtained by finishing the quest.

Finally, for your armor, we will tend to offer heavy armor of medium load (in addition to the White Mask). Playing with a light charge can be quite challenging, especially if you are new to avoiding danger.

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