Season 9 of Sea of Thieves is now available on Xbox Game Pass

Season 9 of Sea of Thieves is now available on Xbox Game Pass ...

Sea of Thieves Season 9 is now available for free on Xbox Game Pass via Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, and Steam. The new update includes valuable chests called Chests of Fortune and plenty of quality-of-life improvements.

"Season 9 introduces Chests of Fortune, valuable chests that can only be found within a conquered Fort of Fortune. Players who can overcome the fear of hunting one down can earn pieces from this set from The Reaper's Bones by turning in Reaper's Chests and Reaper's Bounties."

Players are receiving new World Events updates, such as making kraken and megalodon encounters more common, as well as making the difficulty scalable depending on the crew size. Doubloons can now be spent on new Pirate Legend-exclusive voyages, and ship captains will find a complete log of their recent adventures on the seven seas.

The website for Season 9 of The Sea of Thieves consists of detailed release notes. It includes additional information about the Chests of Fortune, the Pirate Emporium, World Events, new Outpost cosmetics, accessibility and gameplay improvements, and more.

Below is a new teaser for Season 9 of Sea of Thieves: Sea of Thieves: The Season 9 Trailer.

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