Our safety cannot be conditioned on a persons' incessant investigation

Our safety cannot be conditioned on a persons' incessant investigation ...

In the face of cyber-attacks, the advent of Artificial Intelligence has meant that protection against them must be based, to a large extent, on the automation of responses and decision-making, as a result of the company's first year in the country.

1 – The company's first year in Spain, how do you describe the organization's growth in the country in the first few months?

TEHTRIS was born in Spain in 2022, and therefore, our goal when entering the market was to consolidate the channel and build a client. This has been more than accomplished, since we have had several clients who have trusted us, which is gaining trust.

2 – What are your cybersecurity offerings' top strengths and unique strengths, versus those of other companies?

TEHTRIS is prepared for any challenge, both present and future. It is defined as a company that keeps expanding its XDR platform almost daily. Our distinguishing features include:

3 – What benefits does Artificial Intelligence's application have for cybersecurity in general, and for its products in particular?

We used to protect ourselves against software created by humans with human definition and intelligence. We must now protect ourselves against Artificial Intelligence. Our protection must not be dependent on a sluggish analysis of a person.

Artificial intelligence adds to cybersecurity because it blocks threats through these technologies that provide us with flexibility, immediacy, and automation. If a human being makes the decision to block or not, or to act or not, it will be too late.

TEHTRIS has acquired Artificial Intelligence as its sole focus. This allows for autonomous decision-making and hence its protection, and allows for the use of the same weapons as cybercriminals. All this in the name of transparency and regulatory compliance, since TEHTRIS does not need the data or files of its users.

4 – How well are Spanish firms and institutions to deal with the threats and cyberattacks that await them?

Cybersecurity is a relatively young field. Probably, before the year 2000, cybersecurity was very absent or extremely unprofessional. This implies that in the early years, cybersecurity had to find its way, its solutions, its development, and its management, among other things. And that has resulted in a very fragmentary market.

5 – What are the company's goals for the coming year 2023? What are your plans for the future, both in Spain and elsewhere?

2023 should be the year when we consolidate our position and begin working on improvements, assisting many companies to improve their security. We are convinced that when they see TEHTRIS's value and its simplicity, it will be the choice of increasingly many companies.

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