Subsidized training for your company: get experienced English for your employees

Subsidized training for your company: get experienced English for your employees ...

Twenix, a Spanish edtech that helps employees learn English by speaking English, encourages small businesses to use FUNDAE credits to help pay for their training in the workplace. To be able to impart this knowledge does not come under strain.

Since English continues to be business' primary language, businesses must maintain a workforce that is fluent in this language. This is why the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE) assists businesses in upgrading their knowledge and improving the skills of their employees.

Twenix offers the possibility of subscribing your online English courses for companies through FUNDAE, based on the own learning strategy in microlearning, focused on topics that support the employee in their work performance, with over 200 courses developed with experts in different topics and professional sectors.

FUNDAE has already managed more than 600 trainings, using a structured model that involves online speaking courses and specific exercises that complete the training.

Many businesses are unable to subsidize their training or believe they cannot afford it due to a lack of funds: Twenix simplifies the FUNDAE procedures, allowing organizations to access subsidized training for professionals and subsidized training for corporations.

Depending on how many employees you have, the type of training they need, the number of hours you will take, and the number of people who will enjoy the course, these credits are calculated from your monthly Social Security payments.

In some situations, the formation may be reduced to 100%, while in other scenarios, the entity must pay a percentage of the training costing the course.

Twenix has a project manager who oversees the company's progress and onboarding process, as well as doing a detailed monitoring of the project and dynamizing it, so that the minimum 75% of execution is achieved for those who will take the training. Additionally, companies have metrics and biweekly reports that allow internal monitoring of success on a regular basis.

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