Build 22624.1465 of Windows 11 (KB5023775) is now available on the Beta Channel

Build 22624.1465 of Windows 11 (KB5023775) is now available on the Beta Channel ...

Microsoft has released Windows 11 build 22624.1465 (KB5023775) with new features enabled by default, as well as a preview build 22621.1465 (KB5023775) for computers registered in the Beta Channel.

The updates for Windows 11 include Live Captions in more languages, new Touch Keyboards settings, and simplified Chinese IME. Also, this update allows to configure multiple apps.

Only for build 22624.1465, the System Tray now includes a new shield badge for the network icon to indicate the VPN status, and Voice Access now has a revamped in-app help page.

Build 22624.1465: Changes and fixes

When connected to a recognized VPN profile, the development team will highlight the VPN icon, a small shield, in your system accent color.

With build 22624.1391, a new in-app help page for voice access now includes all commands and additional information accurately.

The Touch Keyboard settings replace the old feature of "Show the touch keyboard when there's no keyboard attached" with a new options menu (Never, When no keyboard attached, and Always) to determine whether or not to launch the touch keyboard.

  • Never – suppresses the touch keyboard even when no hardware keyboard is attached.
  • When no keyboard attached – will show the touch keyboard only when the device is used as a tablet without the hardware keyboard.
  • Always – will show the touch keyboard even when the hardware keyboard is attached.

A new cloud suggestion and an integrated search suggestion are also being investigated by the company. The most relevant word from Bing is added to the IME candidate window.

Builds 22624.1465 and 22621.1465: Changes and fixes

The following improvements will be found in both versions:

Build 22624.1465: Install

To obtain and install Windows 11 build 22624.1465, go to the "Windows Insider Program" tab in the "Update & Security" section.

If you are new to the Windows Insider Program, you may download build 22624.1465 from the "Windows Update" settings by clicking the Check for Updates button.

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