What Happened to Maddies' Body in School Spirits? Where is it?

What Happened to Maddies' Body in School Spirits? Where is it? ...

'School Spirits,' a teen series directed by Nate Trinrud and Megan Trinrud, focuses on Maddie Nears, a Split River High student who wakes up as a spirit in the boiler room of her school after her respective deaths. She learns that her dead body was never discovered, provoking discussion among viewers about the same.

What Happened to Maddie's Body?Where is it?

Maddie begins to interact with other spirits, such as Charly, Wally, Rhonda, Martin, and others, only to discover nothing. Simon, the only person alive who knows that Maddie is dead other than the killer or killers, wonders what happened to his friend's dead body as well.

Maddie and others are unsure whether their bodies are still at the school where she died. However, her body does not necessarily have to be hidden at the establishment. Charly, Wally, Rhonda, and others' bodies were apparently removed from the establishment after their deaths.

The perpetrator must have been aware that her dead body would be easily discovered if she had hidden it at the school. However, Maddie was murdered during a busy school day. If the body was hidden at the school, the perpetrator must have taken advantage of the opportunity to conceal the same.

The killer must have dumped Maddie's body in the nearby woods, if he/she/they had enough time to dispose of the body without anyone noticing the same. If that was the case, the killer might have used Maddie's boots to derail authorities or others who search for her.

Maddie's dead body might not be discovered until her spirit discovers what really happened to her, as well as in the future episodes of the series.

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