Ja Morant Revels Gun In Video Wasnt His Before The 8-GameBan

Ja Morant Revels Gun In Video Wasnt His Before The 8-GameBan ...

Ja Morant has revealed that the pistol he saw in his most famous Instagram video was not his.

Morant was asked about the video of himself holding up the rifle in a Colorado nightclub during an interview with ESPN. Ja, 23, elaborated what transpired that night, giving additional information on the firearm.

"The firearm wasn't mine," he said. "It's not who I am." I've made a terrible error. I can see my self-image as shown by my recent actions. In the future, I'll demonstrate who Ja is, what I'm passionate about, and change this narrative."

The NBA legend explained that going to nightclubs is a part of his "escape," in which he tends to mentally stress. However, he stated that the incident was one that he did not want to define his character.

"I feel like in the past we didn't realize what was at stake," Morant said, adding that now that he's had that time to realize everything and have the time alone, he's at ease.

"I recognize what I have to lose, and for us as a group, what we have to lose." It's mainly about being more responsible, more smart, and staying away from all of the bad decisions.

The National Basketball Association has decided that No. 12 will be out of on-court action for eight games. The newly updated suspension will cover games he missed against the Memphis Grizzlies over the previous week.

Adam Silver, the NBA's commissioner, discussed Morant's actions before his ESPN interview, and he felt the eight-game moratorium was appropriate because to the player's actions being "irresponsible, reckless, and potentially very dangerous."

"It has serious consequences as a result of his enormous following and influence, primarily among younger supporters who admire him," Silver said.

Morant said of his meeting with the commissioner as being "quite open." "I accepted that," and I apologise to the league, my teammates, and my family for putting that prejudice against us all with a bad decision."

Morant has since entered a Florida counseling program to "get help and work on improving my stress management and overall well-being."

During the Grizzlies' match against the Dallas Mavericks, Ja Morant will be eligible to return to his team on Monday (March 20).

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