Doom 3 im Klassik-Test (Xbox)

Doom 3 im Klassik-Test (Xbox) ...

Doom: Few game titles demonstrate the effect of digital entertainment, of senseless violence and bloodthirsty carnage. Despite all criticism, Midway's Fatality brawls from the Mortal Kombatseries can keep up with the first PCDoom, which remains a milestone in gaming history. Counter-Strike or Halo 2:

Doom 3 has progressed in terms of gameplay; both the PC version that was released in mid-2004 and the Xbox version that will be released shortly will have almost the same content: If you're looking for a complex story, polished characters, or something to keep your mind busy, this is not the place for you.

And that's how it goes: Doom 3 comes to life in no time: You report for duty at the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars laboratory, where secrecy is the order of the day. After all, there are numerous theories available here to help you save time and energy on long-distance cosmic journeys, and of course the scientists have already discovered a breakthrough. Exactly 15 minutes after your arrival – you've just handed out your pistol and armored vest – all hell breaks loose, and

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